Grease Sealing Unit


Contact less type grease-sealing uint

Grease Sealing Unit

[KGFEA-SF-AB-H1-T2] is a grease sealing device with contact less system.
This device prevents to drop grease and get dirty that are problem in existing Grease Sealing Unit.


  • Grease dropping from a nozzle is decreased.
  • Variability of grease amount is reduced by setting with supply pressure and supply time.
  • Single injection type doesn’t need to change nozzle for each parts so changing set up parts are reduced.
  • Multiple injection type shorten a cycle time substantially because it injects several grease at once.

[Single injection type movie]

[Multiple injection type movie]


Heat the grease through the heating hose and stabilize viscosity. Inject the heated grease from nozzle by adjusting and setting supply pressure and rejection time. Contact less type substantially reduces oily dirt of conveying surface resulting from dropping grease, which is existing problem, substantially. Variability of grease sealing amount is improved by adjusting supply pressure and injection time.

[Single injection type specification]

This type injects grease with rotating index table.
This device can accept for different parts by removing injection location.


[Multiple injection type specification]

This type device injects several greases at once.
You can replace the nozzle for different size parts by one touch.