Parts Box Carrier MINI

Parts Box Carrier MINI

Carrier MINI is a tool cart, compact and easy-carrying, with customization options

why MINI …
  • light weight and casters enable smooth glide
  • Easy to carry in narrow space
  • convenient small top table
  • storage tool box
  • attach parts box Z-100N (Max 25 pcs - optional)
  • Size : W580 X D410 X H920
  • Weight 15 kg (Option Z-100N - 25pcs 1.0kg)


Compact and easy storage, it provides improvement of mutiple task

Simple, easy-organizing, bold design

Top table offers space for laptop, drawings, small parts and tools
Grooved aluminum frame can allow additional frame without processing


 Parts box : Z-100N W100 x D162 x H67 : Max attachment 25 pcs
 Parts box : Z-200N W200 x D162 x H67 : attachable
 Mount tool racks on the left and right side (see photo - use market products)
 Height-adjustable top table - range H950 to H1250mm (each step 20mm x 15 steps -> 300mm)
    *A study says that standing operation keeps good posture and improves efficiency.

Regular price 58,000 JPY (without tax)
 (Optional) Parts box : Z-100N extra 500 JPY each (without tax)
 (Optional) Parts box : Z-200N extra 980 JPY each (without tax)
 (Optional) Top table lift type : extra 22,000 JPY (without tax)

[Use, Option]

as drawing and work table
as laptop table
accessory case

Optional height-adjustable table 20mm x 15 steps (adjustable range H950 - H1250)

Optional parts box (Z-100N)

Accessory case

[External dimention]