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Material Chamfering Machine

Belt Sander Type Corner Remover

Material Chamfering Machine BM Series

BM series is the material chamfering machine that cut the corner of round bar material by belt sander.


  • It’s possible to manufacturing the variety of work size, like elliptical cutting work.
  • Running cost will be low cost to espouse the mechanism of belt sander.
  • It could be short time & one touch to exchange the belt of belt sander.
  • It’s ensured the seal ability and safety, because protect whole body by cover.
  • It’s easy to cleaning chip, maintenance and checkup. (It’s possible to add the Dust Collector for option).

Material Chamfering Machine

Gease Sealing unit [KGFEA-SF-AB-H1-T2]

Contact less type grease-sealing uint


「KGFEA-SF-AB-H1-T2」is a grease sealing device with contact less system.
This device prevents to drop agrease and get dirty that are problem in existing Grease Sealing Unit.


  • Grease dropping from a nozzle is decreased.
  • Variability of grease amount is reduced by setting with supply pressure and supply time.
  • Single injection type doesn’t need to change nozzle for each parts so changing set up parts are reduced.
  • Multiple injection type shorten a cycle time substantially because it injects several grease at once.

grease-sealing uint

Amplifier unit [KLVD] series

for liner variable differential transformer (LVDT)

Amplifier unit [KLVD] series

KLVD series is a voltage-converting amplifier for liner variable differential transformer (LVDT).

LVDT has excellent property as sensors that convert liner variation to electrical signal mechanically and is applied to high-precision sensor such as displacement sensor in μm order.

KLVD series is a high precision amplifier


  • In comparison with the other similar product, this device is lower cost.
  • Because Basic function, which transforms sensor output to analog output, is simple structure, it is possible to manufacture with low.
  • Compact design. External size 164Hx40wX127D

Amplifier unit

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